C6 Smart Home

Smart control system C6 for DOMEKT units

For both: beginners and advanced users
A user-friendly interface enables intuitive navigation and
control of the unit. Core philosophy behind the design of C6
was that the ventilation unit would operate properly without
constant adjustments from the user. Different ventilation
modes are optimized for the user’s daily needs. Automatic
air quality control selects the most appropriate mode and
ensures the comfort conditions in the room.
Advanced users can control unit’s operation according
to his needs, as many settings and control possibilities are
provided as well:
• Airflow control: CAV / VAV / DCV.
• Intensity control by air quality, CO2, humidity level.
Operating modes
• 8 preset modes.
• Intelligent energy saving algorithms.
• Automatic air quality control with optional AQ sensor.
• Extensive weekly schedule.

Control options
• Possibility to choose from two control panels.
• Control via web browser / smartphone.
• Ability to control via BMS (Modbus, BACnet).
Energy counters
• Real-time energy consumption indicator.
• Possibility of observing the running costs
of ventilation unit.
• Heat recovery counter